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Copine Jewelry is a new Russian artisan jewelry brand founded by two long lasting friends — a French business school graduate Lilia Khazhieva and a young architect Alyona Klimovich. Lilia worked for high end French fashion brands in Paris whilst Alyona brought a number of architectural projects to the streets of Moscow. Together they decided to leap into the world of jewelry design and started their own company in 2017 where Lilia became the head creative director and Alyona took over as the technical supervisor. Their friendship led them to discover that despite their diverse backgrounds they both shared a passion for unique, artisan pieces and jewelry craftsmanship. 

Copine Jewelry designs feature large bold elements with accentuated graphic details. Copine’s artisan pieces are made from rare and unusual materials such as baroque pearls or acetate, which is an uncommon find for jewelry designs available in Russia. 
Bold graphic earrings are at the heart of the collection. According to the designers, Lilia and Alyona, such pieces will complete and animate any look, making a great pair for casual wear and evening dresses. New models are released one at a time as each design is crafted with extreme care and precision. 

Lilia and Alyona’s inspiration comes from an image of a young French woman who can hop off from work to a gallery opening, a party or to simply catch up with friends and change her look accordingly with just one accessory. 

The founders of the brand wanted to supervise the manufacturing process from start to finish. They chose to have all of the silver pieces manufactured, gold-coated and assembled in Russia, while the pearls are imported from Asia.